Strutt’n Replacement Transmitter

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RJ DUNKIN’s new STRUTT’N Transmitter TM includes an ergonomically designed larger footprint, high profile control buttons, waterproof housing, and a new “non-slip” surface; “when the pressure is on with that Big Tom close, never lose control or your grip”.  RJ DUNKIN’s new “Quick-Link” RF technology feature provides a foolproof system that never loses contact with the STRUTT’N 360TM XDR.  What’s more, “Quick-Link” allows you to keep adding more and more decoys to your flock; control em’ all with just one STRUTT’N Transmitter TM.  The Strutt’n 360 already includes its own transmitter. This is a replacement transmitter.

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Dimensions 1 x 2 x 4.5 in