1.   Is the STRUTT’N 360 XDR Waterproof?

The new STRUTT’N 360 XDR has been designed with every opening and leak path to the inside of the enclosure being sealed with a soft silicone gasket.  Unless the 360’s seals have been cut or compromised, the 360 will withstand any rain mother nature can throw at it.  If you do hunt in wet conditions, remove the 360 from your hunting vest once you’re home and sit it out to dry for a few days.  It should be ready for your next hunt.

2.   Can I use real mounted decoys with the STRUTT’N 360 XDR?

Yes:  The new STRUTT’N 360 XDR has been designed to accommodate heavier decoys which include real mounted Toms.  The average real mounted Tom will weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 pounds.  Given that the 360 is in a solid flat location, real mounts should not be a problem.  It may take some ingenuity to get the real mount to accommodate the STRUTT’N Post; consult with your taxidermist.

The new worm gear design and motor selection produces more torque than previous models.  You even have the option to Special order a 360 with twice the torque.  Call the factory to inquire about our new “Dual Drive” technology.

3.   Can I use inflatable decoys with the STRUTT’N 360 XDR?

Yes:  The new STRUTT’N 360 XDR has been designed to accommodate inflatable decoys.  Phone the factory for details.

4.   Can I add “Dual Drive” Technology to my existing STRUTT’N 360 XDR?

Yes: The STRUTT’N 360 XDR has been designed to accommodate the addition of the “Dual Drive” system.  The is a charge to add this system to your existing 360.  Phone the factory for details on adding this feature.

5.   How far out will the STRUTT’N 360 XDR work?

The STRUTT’N 360 XDR has been designed to work reliably with clear “line-of-sight” out to 40 yards.  In many hunting situations with line-of-sight clearly visible, distances can be much greater.

6.   Can I use more than one  STRUTT’N 360 XDR with one STRUTT’N Transmitter?

Yes:  Due to advanced RF programming technology, you can set up to five (5) separate 360s; each with its own decoy.  The five separate units must be in close proximity to each other with the same line of sight.

7.   Does the  STRUTT’N 360 XDR come with a Warranty?

Yes:  The STRUTT’N 360 XDR comes with a full one (1) year Warranty, from date of purchase, against manufacturer’s defects.  Note: If you purchased the 360 from a local sporting goods dealer and you have a warranty claim, do not return your unit back to your local dealer, phone the factory.

8. Does RJ DUNKN Co, LLC have a Field, Pro or Elite Staff Team that I might join?

Yes:  RJ DUNKIN Co. LLC does have Field, Pro and Elite Staff opportunities.  For more information on how you can join the team, contact the factory or inquire on the web (see the “Contact” section of the instruction manual).

9.   Will the STRUTT’N 360 XDR withstand the impact of shotgun shot?

The 360 has been designed using the most advanced engineering and manufacturing available, but it will not withstand the impact of a direct shotgun blast.  It is always best to know what you are shooting at before you pull the trigger, be aware and hunt consciously.

10. How long will the STRUTT’N 360 XDR batteries last?

The STRUTT’N 360 XDR electronics package has been designed to maximize battery life which provides you with the confidence that you can hunt all day, all season for that matter.

The average hunter should experience battery life that exceeds one complete season and then some.

Note: It is highly recommended that you remove the batteries from the 360 at the end of your hunting season.  Commercial batteries have been known to prematurely expire and corrode which will have detrimental effects on the 360.  Battery failure corrosion is not covered under the warranty.

11.   How do I know when the STRUTT’N 360 XDR batteries are getting low?

The STRUTT’N 360 XDR electronics package has been designed with an L.E.D. light which flashed green under normal operating conditions.  As the batteries begin to fade and loose power, the flashing green light will slowly turn from Green to Red; the close you Red you get, the closer the battery is to being completely dead.

It is recommended that you always have a spare set of batteries available.  If not in your vest while out on the hunt, at least in your hunting vehicle.

12.   If I forget to turn off my STRUTT’N 360 XDR, will it run down the batteries?

No:  The STRUTT’N 360 XDR’s electronic system is designed to automatically shut down after a “non-use” period of two hours.  This conserves battery life if you forget to power down the unit at the end of your hunt.

While your are hunting, the 360 goes into a sleep mode when not operated for more than two minutes.  The 360 wakes up when you press one of the control buttons on the STRUTT’N Transmitter.

Note:  While hunting, you must press one of the control buttons on the STRUTT’N Transmitter at least once every two hours.  If this requirement is not met, the 360 will shut down.  In order to continue hunting, simply go to the 360 and follow the start-up instructions included earlier in this manual.

13.   Can I swap parts between the new STRUTT’N 360 XDR and my old 360?

No:  None of the parts from the new STRUTT’N 360 XDR will work as replacement parts for your old STRUTT’N 360 and vice versa.

14.   Will the new STRUTT’N Transmitter control my original STRUTT’N 360?

No:  The new STRUTT’N Transmitter will not operate your old STRUTT’N 360 and vice versa.