STRUTT’N Transmitter

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RJ DUNKIN has made the most significant advances in it STRUTT’N Transmitter.  The new transmitter is ergonomically designed to fit your hand and includes a new “non-slip” surface; when the pressure is on and that Big Tom is close, you never lose your grip.  The overall size has been increased and it’s totally waterproof.  Simple push one button to rotate in one direction, then release the button and press the second button to rotate the other direction; the STRUTT’N 360TM XDR keeps rotating as long as you press a button.  Want to create your own moving flock; it’s no problem.  The new STRUTT’N Transmitter’s “quick-link” feature allows you to keep adding more and more decoys; control em all with one transmitter.  “Optimize the realistic perception of movement with the new STRUTT’N Transmitter.