Strutt’n Lanyard

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Product Description

Insurance comes in different forms and RJ DUNKIN’s new STRUTT’N Lanyard TM is no exception. Replacing your STRUTT’N Transmitter is expensive! In the heat of the moment, you down your bird, you jump to your feet to pounce on him, all the while, your STRUTT’N Transmitter TM was flung 12 feet into the air and landed who knows were? Your STRUTT’N Transmitter TM attached to the new STRUTT’N Lanyard TM solves that problem, and at a price much less than replacing your lost transmitter. Even if it is flung through the air, the STRUTT’N Lanyard TM color combinations make it easy to see. The STRUTT’N Lanyard TM is 42” long, is woven using high quality 550 Paracord, comes standard with or without an incorporated neck roll.

Additional Information

Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 x 3 x 5 in

Olive and Neon Green, Neck roll included, Olive and Neon Green, No neck roll, Olive and Neon Orange, Neck roll included, Olive and Neon Orange, No neck roll