“When hunting pressured turkeys like here in Upstate New York you need all of the help you can get. The Remote “STRUTT’N 360” is that advantage. As proven for years in waterfowl hunting, movement in your decoys is deadly, especially on educated birds. The “STRUTT’N 360” brings that same benfit to the turkey woods. When you need that extra realism to fool that wily old longbeard that has heard too many calls try the “STRUTT’N 360″ with your hen or strutter decoy and he might just join you for Thanksgiving dinner.”

T.R. Hendrick, Outdoor Writer/Photographer, New York

Before joining our Pro Staff, Jason McKenney was sold on the STRUTT’N 360.  “I’ve turkey hunted for nearly  20 years and have never experienced turkey hunting like I have this year hunting with the STRUTT’N 360.”  “My first bird of the year came out about 100 yards away.  Was slightly hung up until I rotated my decoy.”  “He couldn’t get there quick enough; he sprinted clear across the field.”  “The lifelike rotation was all I needed and all on video.”

Jason McKenney, Georgia

“Wow, my first hunt of 09 and thanks to the STRUTT’N 360, I didn’t come home empty handed; I bagged this big Iowa bird.”  “It was off of the roost, strutt a little, then he came looking for a fight.”  “The realistic strutting motion using my decoy as well as the ability to position it in any direction did the trick.”  “I turned and challenged the big boy then turned away to be subordinate and here he came.”

“Thanks for a great hunt!”  John Siberell, Iowa

Mike (on the right) and I have hunted on many occasions but here is what he left me on my cell after his 4th season bowhunt for gobblers in Iowa (2009),  Richard Dunkin……   “I just had the turkey hunt of my life!”  “I have probably killed more than 40 birds but none like today.”  “I got in early, set up my blind, and then watched as birds flooded the sky.”  “They all flew down and flocked up right away.”  “I started calling and nothing.”  “I just watched 4 big toms strut in and around 12 or so hens.”  “At least until I rotated my strutting decoy sitting on top of the STRUTT’N 360.”  “When they saw my decoy displayed and struttn, here they came; they left all of those hens.”  “I shot the big tom at about 8 steps with my arrow.”

“What a hunt!”. Mike Rolling, Iowa

I hunt mostly public land in my home state of Ohio and I have had turkeys turn and bolt at the sight of a motionless decoy.  This year I paired the STRUTT’N 360 with a Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl, and the results were amazing.  We took 3 birds this year with the combination; 2 of which were true limb hangers and one actually left a hen dusting herself, charged in and flogged the decoy.  If you’re a turkey hunter and you’re not using the STRUTT’N 360 you’re missing out!!!  It gives decoys the realism they’re lacking.

Chris Porter, Ohio